Station Safety at KFAI

To our KFAI Community,

Most of you have heard or seen on social media that fellow community radio station WORT in Madison, WI was the site of a shooting.  While frightening and tragic we are very thankful that it was non-fatal.

You can read the news coverage HERE.

While we feel very safe for the most part at KFAI we are reminded to stay vigilant and use best practices for the safety of our volunteers and staff:

  • Please make sure you keep your fob secure and report any missing fobs immediately by emailing
  • If you have guests to be featured on your program let your fellow volunteers know who is coming, how many guests and the approximate time they will arrive.  Regarding guests, KFAI is a community work place.  After hours guests are welcome to be on a program or to pre-record a program during your allotted studio time.  If you have guests who would like to be more involved on a regular basis please direct them to the information about becoming a KFAI volunteer on our website.
  • Always check the video monitors in Studio 4 before remotely unlocking the alley access after business hours.  Apparently the suspect in the WORT shooting was able to get in past a locked door.  Be mindful of who you are granting access to.

If you have any concerns or questions please contact me at and we can discuss this further.  I’m very available to schedule a time to talk.

Let’s keep an eye on each other and keep our station safe.  Thank you for your attention and we are keeping WORT in mind and hoping for healing for their community.


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